ALL MEETINGS ORDERED BY CITY  By District:  [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] 

CityLocationAddressDistrict Sunday MondayTuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
AdelAdel Big Book Group United Methodist Church - North Entrance 115 S 10th Street20      7:00PM 
AdelAdel Sunday Morning Group Adel American Legion 115 N 9th Street20 9:00AM      
AdelAdel Tuesday Nite Group Legion Hall 801 Nile Kinnick Drive20   7:00PM    
CaseyCasey A.A. Group United Methodist Church 100 E 2nd Street20   8:00PM    
CrestonCreston A.A. Way Of Life Group Congregational Church 501 W Montgomery20  7:30PM    7:00PM 
CrestonNew Hope Group St. Malchys Rectory Basement 407 West Clark Street20 12:00PM(O) 7:30PM  7:30PM 12:00PM 7:30PM 12:00PM 7:30PM
Dallas CenterHappy Hour Group Rear Entrance 1400 Walnut Street20    7:30PM   
DexterDexter Step Study Group Dexter United Methodist Church Enter On South Side707 Warren St20 7:00PM      
FontanelleWay Out Group No Meeting Place Furnished 231 Old Mill Rd20  7:30PM     
GreenfieldGreenfield A.A. Group United Methodist Church 108 S W 5th20   8:00PM  8:00PM  
Guthrie CenterGuthrie Center Greater Living Group United Methodist Church 405 Prarie St20     7:00PM  
MinburnUnity Group United Methodist Church 705 Chestnut Street20       10:00AM(Big Book & 12 x 12 Study + Trad)
Mt. AyrRinggold County Group Neighborhood Center 202 N Taylor20     8:00PM  
PanoraPanora Jay Walkers Group Panora Community Center (north Door) 111 West Main Street20   8:00PM    
RedfieldRedfield Starting Over Group American Legion Hall 1116 Thomas Street20  7:00PM     
StuartStuart Group All Saints Catholic Church North Entrance 216 All Saints Drive20     8:00PM  
WaukeeAlcoholics Anonymous Group Waukee Public Library 950 Warrior Lane20 7:00PM      
WaukeeWaukee Friday Night Talking Circle Group Waukee Public Library 950 Warrior Lane20      7:00PM 
WintersetMadison County Groups First Christian Church 103 West Green20  8:00PM  8:00PM  8:00PM 8:00PM
WoodwardWoodward Meeting Group 1st Building North of Woodward off Hwy 1 13786 Seminole20     7:30PM