Web Guidelines


The Website Policy of the Iowa Area Assembly of Alcoholics Anonymous (IAAAA) is modeled on the policy developed by the Alcoholics Anonymous World Services Board, hereby adapted for

Area 24:


  • To provide accurate and consistent information about Alcoholics Anonymous to the general public, media, students, professionals, current members and to the still-suffering alcoholic who wishes to know how to contact A.A. or to determine if his or her drinking is a problem;
  • To facilitate the communication of services and activities provided by Area 24;
  • To encourage participation of members, groups and committees in services and activities.
  • To be vigilant in protecting the spirit of AA Tradition and will not affiliate or link our site to any non-AA entity.
  • To provide a site solely for public information, it is merely a general service vehicle.
  • Utilization of the Web site is for the maximum benefit to the Fellowship, the still-suffering alcoholic and the professional community.
  • Area 24 welcomes suggestions for changes to the Web site.


Organizationally, the Website Committee derives its authority and responsibility from the 
IAAAA as follows:

1) The IAAAA has a Website Committee responsible for the design and maintenance of the Website of the IAAAA, comprised of the Webmaster, an Assistant Webmaster, the Website Chairs from each District in the Area (if they exist), and any other members of Alcoholics Anonymous in Area 24 who care to serve. Any Website Committee member may participate in web page design and review, consistent with the overall vision and structure for the Site. Only the Webmaster and Assistant may have access to the site, but all others are encouraged to participate in other ways consistent with their interests and abilities.

2) The Webmaster is appointed by the Area 24 Chairperson giving serious care and consideration to the recommendation of the Public Information Chair (PI). This person serves as the chief Webmaster for the Site on an ongoing basis. The Webmaster holds primary authority and responsibility for the oversight of the Website, subject to the needs of the PI chair and the IAAAA for adequate and effective public dissemination of information. The Webmaster will provide at least quarterly reports to the PI chair on all Website Committee activities, Website design and maintenance issues.

3) The Webmaster is responsible for the day-to-day management and implementation of the IAAAA policies, which shall include adherence to the Twelve Traditions, Twelve Concepts and guidance provided in the AA Service Manual. Each DCM will be responsible for group information in their respective districts.

4) An assistant Webmaster will be appointed by the Chair from candidates recommended by the Webmaster,and PI chair. The Assistant Webmaster shall also be a member of Alcoholics Anonymous and assist in the design and maintenance of the Website. Maintenance of the site requires updating changing information on groups, events, and implementing authorized changes. This arrangement will provide for the integrity of the information on the Website by allowing access to only two persons who are capable of correcting any mistake or unauthorized change to the Website. In this arrangement no one person can irrevocably alter the presentation of the message which this Website is intended to carry. This convention also will allow the delegation of responsibilities for administration and technical support for the project.

5) New pages or existing pages that have been modified significantly will be submitted to the Webmaster for distribution to other Website committee members for review and discussion. Pages approved by the P.I. Chair and Website committee will be taken to the next Area Assembly for review, comment and approval. The PI Chair will be responsible for ensuring that a computer and/or printed copies of any new or modified pages are on display by Friday evening at each of the Spring and Fall Assemblies to encourage feedback and dialogue with the membership, and allow time for review prior to the Saturday business meeting in the event any members wish to raise items for discussion. This process is intended to encourage diverse grass roots participation in Website development, without requiring minor changes in wording or design to be approved by the Area Assembly. No E-mail communications shall be posted on the website.


It shall be the responsibility of the Webmaster to monitor and record all expenses incurred in the maintenance and provision of the Website including out of pocket expenses incurred by the webmaster and assistant webmaster directly related to their service. The Website expenditures shall be submitted to the PI Chair and come from the website budget. The Website Committee shall insure that nothing of value is received from any source outside the fellowship and service structure.

The IAAAA Website shall be registered in the Assembly’s name as:



For the sake of efficiency, the Webmaster shall be registered as the primary technical contact as well as the billing contact for the domain registration, and will submit bills to the PI Chair for payment from the website budget. This will ensure that the infrequent bills for domain registration are not paid by the Treasurer before the Website Committee has an opportunity to review and consider any provider issues prior to renewal.