ALL MEETINGS ORDERED BY CITY  By District:  [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] 

CityLocationAddressDistrict Sunday MondayTuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Bellevue, IABellevue Alcoholics Anonymous Group: St. Johns Lutheran 300 S. 3rd Street11     6:00PM(O)  
Cascade, IACascade & Area Group: Senior Citizens Bldg113 1st Avenue West11      8:00PM 
Delhi, IALiving Sober Group: United Methodist Church11      7:00PM 
Dubuque, IA12 Steps Group: Mercy Health Center 6th Fl board room250 Mercy Dr11 7:00PM      
Dubuque, IA1st 164 Pages Group: Westside1646 Asbury Road11       9:00AM
Dubuque, IAAttitude Adjustment Group: Dubuque Fellowship Club1166 Main Street11       9:00AM
Dubuque, IADay At A Time Group: Westside1646 Asbury Road11   9:00AM  9:00AM  
Dubuque, IAFamily Afterwards B/B Study Gp: Fogarty Hall1240 Rush Street11  9:00AM     
Dubuque, IAFounders Group: Dubuque Fellowship Club- Basement1166 Main Street11     7:00PM  
Dubuque, IAHappy Hour Group: Westside1646 Asbury Road11   6:00PM    
Dubuque, IAHi Noon Group: Dubuque Fellowship Club1166 Main Street 11      12:00PM 
Dubuque, IAKeyway Lodge Group: Grandview United Methodist Church3342 John Wesley Dr11    8:30PM   
Dubuque, IALive & Let Live Group: Westside1646 Asbury Road11  9:00AM     
Dubuque, IALiving Room Discussion Group: Westside1646 Asbury Road11 9:00AM      
Dubuque, IALiving Sober Group: Westside1646 Asbury Road11      9:00AM 
Dubuque, IAMaladjusted To Life Group: St John's Episcopal Parish House14th and Locust11  6:30PM     
Dubuque, IAMissing Link Group: Mercy Hospital Auditorium250 Mercy Drive11 7:00PM      
Dubuque, IAOutcasts Group: Multicultural Center11th Central11    6:00PM   
Dubuque, IAPass It On Group: Westside1668 Ashbury11   7:30PM    
Dubuque, IASaturday Morning Womens Group: Marcy HospitalRoom 1J11       10:00AM
Dubuque, IASaturday Night Open Discussion Group: Westside1646 Asbury11       8:00PM
Dubuque, IASaturday Night Special Group: Westside1646 Asbury Road11       6:30PM
Dubuque, IASimply Big Book Group: Westside Club1646 Asbury Rd11    8:30PM   
Dubuque, IASober Sisters Group: Dubuque Fellowship Club1166 Main St Lower Level11   1:00PM    
Dubuque, IAThursday Night Candlelight Grp: Westside1646 Asbury Road11     6:00PM  
Dubuque, IAUnity Step Group: Westside1646 Asbury Road11 7:00PM      
Dubuque, IAVision For Hope Group: Mercy Hospital 6th Floor Auditorium250 Mercy Drive11      7:00PM 
Dubuque, IAWednesday Morning 24 Hr. Group: Westside1646 Asbury Road11    9:00AM   
Dubuque, IAWednesday Night Womens Step Grp: Founders Club- CLOSED MEETING1166 Main Street11    5:30PM   
Dubuque, IAWestside 24 Hour Group: Westside1646 Asbury Rd11  8:00PM     
Dubuque, IAWomens Discussion Group: Mercy Hospital Room 1a250 Mercy Drive11  1:00PM     
Dyersville, IABasilica Basement Group: St Francis Xavier's Basilica104 3rd St S W11    7:00PM  12:00PM 
Epworth, IAOpen Door Group: Legion Hall206 West Main11     8:00PM  
Greeley, IAGreeley Serenity Group: Greeley Comm. Church208 E. 2nd Ave.11  8:00PM     
Guttenberg, IAGuttenberg Group: St. Johns Lutheran Church Basement203 Pearl St11   8:00PM    
Manchester, IASaturday Night Group: United Methodist Church413 East Butler11       8:00PM
Maquoketa, IAMaquoketa Group: United Church Of Christ206 E Platt St11  8:00PM  8:00PM(C)   
Peosta, IAStone Room Group: New Melleray Abby6500 Melleray Circle11    6:00PM   
Worthington, IAWorthington C C Group: Worthington Community Center1st Avenue West11 7:00PM      

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