ALL MEETINGS ORDERED BY CITY  By District:  [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] 

CityLocationAddressDistrict Sunday MondayTuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
CascadeCascade & Area Group Senior Citizens Bldg 113 1st Avenue West11      8:00PM 
DelhiLiving Sober Group United Methodist Church 11      7:00PM 
Dubuque12 Steps Group Mercy Health Center 6th Fl board room 250 Mercy Dr11 7:00PM      
Dubuque1st 164 Pages Group Westside 1646 Asbury Road11       9:00AM
DubuqueAttitude Adjustment Group Dubuque Fellowship Club 1166 Main Street11       9:00AM
DubuqueDay At A Time Group Westside 1646 Asbury Road11   9:00AM  9:00AM  
DubuqueDirty Dozen Group Dubuque Fellowship Club 1166 Main Street11   7:00PM    
DubuqueFamily Afterwards B/B Study Gp Fogarty Hall 1240 Rush Street11  9:00AM     
DubuqueFounders Group Dubuque Fellowship Club Basement1166 Main Street11     7:00PM  
DubuqueHappy Hour Group Westside 1646 Asbury Road11   6:00PM    
DubuqueHi Noon Group Dubuque Fellowship Club 1166 Main Street 11      12:00PM 
DubuqueKeyway Lodge Group Grandview United Methodist Church 3342 John Wesley Dr11    8:30PM   
DubuqueLive & Let Live Group Westside 1646 Asbury Road11  9:00AM     
DubuqueLiving Room Discussion Group Westside 1646 Asbury Road11 9:00AM      
DubuqueLiving Sober Group Westside 1646 Asbury Road11      9:00AM 
DubuqueLiving The Promises Group Westside 1646 Asbury Road11     12:00PM  
DubuqueMaladjusted To Life Group St John's Episcopal Parish House 14th and Locust11  6:30PM     
DubuqueMissing Link Group Mercy Hospital Auditorium 250 Mercy Drive11 7:00PM      
DubuqueOutcasts Group Multicultural Center 11th Central11    6:00PM   
DubuquePass It On Group Westside 1668 Ashbury11   7:30PM    
DubuqueSaturday Morning Womens Group Marcy Hospital Room 1J11       10:00AM
DubuqueSaturday Night Open Discussion Group Westside 1646 Asbury11       8:00PM
DubuqueSaturday Night Special Group Westside 1646 Asbury Road11       6:30PM
DubuqueSimply Big Book Group Westside Club 1646 Asbury Rd11    8:30PM   
DubuqueThursday Night Candlelight Grp Westside 1646 Asbury Road11     8:00PM  
DubuqueUnity Step Group Westside 1646 Asbury Road11 7:00PM      
DubuqueVision For Hope Group Mercy Hospital 6th Floor Auditorium 250 Mercy Drive11      7:00PM 
DubuqueWednesday Morning 24 Hr. Group Westside 1646 Asbury Road11    9:00AM   
DubuqueWednesday Night Womens Step Grp Founders Club CLOSED MEETING1166 Main Street11    5:30PM   
DubuqueWestside 24 Hour Group Westside 1646 Asbury Rd11  8:00PM     
DubuqueWomens Discussion Group Mercy Hospital Room 1a 250 Mercy Drive11  1:00PM     
DyersvilleBasilica Basement Group St Francis Xavier's Basilica 104 3rd St S W11    7:00PM  12:00PM 
EpworthOpen Door Group Legion Hall 206 West Main11     8:00PM  
GreeleyGreeley Serenity Group St. Josephs Church Basement 11  8:00PM     
GuttenbergGuttenberg Group St. Johns Lutheran Church Basement 203 Pearl St11   8:00PM    
ManchesterSaturday Night Group United Methodist Church 413 East Butler11       8:00PM
MaquoketaMaquoketa Group United Church Of Christ 206 E Platt St11  8:00PM  8:00PM   
PeostaStone Room Group New Melleray Abby 6500 Melleray Circle11    6:00PM   
WorthingtonWorthington C C Group Worthington Community Center 1st Avenue West11 7:00PM