ALL MEETINGS ORDERED BY CITY  By District:  [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] 

CityLocationAddressDistrict Sunday MondayTuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
AdelAdel Big Book Group --- United Methodist Church - North Entrance115 S 10th Street20      7:00PM 
AdelAdel Sunday Morning Group --- Adel American Legion115 N 9th Street20 9:00AM      
AdelAdel Tuesday Nite Group --- Legion Hall119 N. 9th St.20   7:00PM    
AdelUnity Group --- United Methodist Church115 S 10th St.20       9:00AM(Big Book & 12 x 12 Study + Trad)
AkronAkron Tuesday Night A.A. Group --- Trinity Lutheran ChurchHwy 3 220 Hardy Street, P O Box 46615   7:30PM    
Algona9:00 Saturday Morning Group --- Finn House600 N. Ridgley17       9:00AM
AlgonaA A A Group --- No Meeting Place Furnished401 Diagnal Street17    8:00PM   
AlgonaAlgona Women's Group --- Finn House600 N Ridgley17     6:00PM  
AlgonaFriday Noon Group --- Finn House600 N. Ridgley17      12:00PM 
AlgonaNoon Discussion Group --- Finn House600 N. Ridgley17  12:00PM 7:30PM 12:00PM 8:00PM 12:00PM 9:00AM
AlgonaThursday Nite Big Book Group --- Finn House600 N. Ridgley17     8:00PM  
AlgonaTues Night A.A. Grapevine Grp --- Finn House600 Ridgley17   7:30PM    
AlgonaWednesday Noon Big Book Group --- Finn House600 N. Ridgley17    12:00PM   
AllisonAllison Group --- City Hall410 North Main Street19  8:00PM     
AltaAlta Sunday A.A. Group --- Alta Church Of Christ505 W Hwy 72 7:30PM      
AltonT.G.I.S. Group --- Alton Reformed Church305 8th Street15       9:00AM
AltoonaAltoona A.A. Group --- Cross Creek Building1975 8th Street SW, Room #47  8:00PM(O)(NON SMOKING/HANDICAPPED ACCESSIBLE)     
AltoonaFriday 164 Group --- Room #4. 19758th Street S W7      6:30PM 
AltoonaProgress Not Perfection Group --- Lutheran Church of the Cross1701 8th Street SW7   7:00PM    
AltoonaPromises Group --- Lutheran Church of The Cross --- Cross Creek Bldg Rm 41701 8th St SW7     5:30PM  
AltoonaWalking The Steps Group --- Cross Creek Bldg1975 8th St SW, Room #47       9:00AM(O)(12x12 DISC - NON SMOKING-HANDICAPPED ACCESSIBLE)
AltoonaWings To Fly Group --- Golden Age Social Center (back Door)119 2nd St S E7    8:00PM   
AmesAmes Downtowners Group --- First United Methodist Church --- Basement516 Kellogg Ave3    7:00PM   
AmesFellowship Friday Night Group --- United Church Of Christ Congregational217 6th St3      8:00PM 
AmesFull Support Womens Group --- St. Johns Episcopal Church2338 Lincoln Way, P.O. Box 22313   7:00PM    
AmesMc Cormick Place Group --- Ames Alano Building1201 Mc Cormick3 10:00AM 7:00PM M 6:30PM 8:00PM 7:30AM 7:00PM 7:30AM 7:00PM 7:30AM 8:00PM 7:30AM 8:00PM 8:00PM
AmesMonday Night Comes Of Age Grp --- Collegiate Presbyterian Church159 N Sheldon Ave3  8:00PM     
AmesNoon Groups --- Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ame1015 N Hyland Ave3  12:10PM 12:10PM 12:10PM 12:10PM 12:10PM 
AmesSaturday Morning Eyeopeners Group --- St John Episcopal Church2338 Lincoln Way3       8:30AM
AmesSunday Night Grapeviners Group --- St. Johns Episcopal Church2338 W Lincoln Way3 7:00PM      
AmesTuesday Night Big Book Disc Gp --- Collegiate United Methodist Church2622 W Lincoln Way3   8:00PM    
AnamosaAnamosa Group --- St. Paul Lutheran Church --- Christian Education Building103 East Cedar Street8   8:00PM    
AnkenyAnkeny Early Birds Group --- St. Annes Episcopal Church2110 W 1st St7  6:30AM  6:30AM  6:30AM 
AnkenyAnkeny Noon Group --- St Annes Episcopal Church2110 W 1st Street7      12:00PM 
AnkenyAnkeny Original Group --- Ankeny Methodist Church --- Basement206 S Walnut St7    8:00PM  6:00PM 6:30PM
AnkenyAnkeny Serenity Group --- Our Lady's Immaculate Heart Church --- North Side, West Door, Room 09510 E First7  8:00PM     
AnkenyAnkeny Study Group --- Christian Life Center710 NE 36th St7    6:00PM   
AnkenySidewalk To Serenity Group --- Neveln Resource C&J406 SW School Street7   7:30PM   12:00PM 
AnkenySunday AA Basics Group --- Our Lady's Immaculate Heart Catholic Ch510 E 1st Street, Room 67 5:00PM      
AnthonLittle Sioux Group --- United Methodist ChurchCauley Street21      8:00PM 
ArmstrongTriple A Double BS Group --- Senior Citizens CenterMain Street17    8:00PM   
Arnolds ParkOkoboji Candlelight Group --- Arnolds Park City Hall1107 S Highway 7117     8:00PM  
AshtonAshton AA Group --- St. Mary's Catholic Church645 6th Street15    8:00PM   
AtlanticAtlantic A.A. Group --- Club House309 Elm Street6  8:00PM 12:00PM 5:30PM  12:00PM 8:00PM 6:00PM 8:00AM 10:00AM 8:00PM
AudubonTuesday Night Audubon Group --- St Johns Lutheran Church815 East Division St6   7:00PM    
BataviaGarage Group --- Garold's Garage --- Across From Senior Citzens12   8:00PM    
BayardBayard Big Book Group --- Church Of Christ402 Main (2nd & Main)18    7:30PM   
BellevueBig Book Study Group --- St. Johns Lutheran 300 S. 3rd Street11     6:00PM  
BelmondBelmond Group --- Belmond Group --- St Johns Church South Door 115 4th Ave SE14     8:00PM  
BettendorfBettendorf Group --- Behind Bettendorf Community Center2204 Grant Street9 8:00AM 10:00AM 5:30PM 8:00PM 6:00AM 10:00AM 5:30PM 7:00PM 7:30AM 10:00AM 5:30PM 8:00PM 6:00AM 10:00AM 5:30PM 8:00PM 7:30AM 5:30PM 8:00PM 6:00AM 10:00AM 5:30PM 8:00PM 10:00PM 8:00AM 10:00AM 5:30PM 8:00PM
BettendorfBig Book Study Group --- Community of Joy Methodist Church1330 Spruce Hills Drive9   6:00PM    
BettendorfMonday Night Men's Meeting Group --- Asbury United Methodist Church1809 Mississippi Blvd9  6:30PM     
BlencoeBlencoe A.A. Group --- United Christian Church126 North Manley Street21      7:00PM 
Bloomfield Bloomfield Group --- Bloomfield United Methodist Church401 E. North St12     7:00PM  
BooneBlue Book Group --- Masonic Temple --- Corner of 6th & Marshall527 Marshall St3 9:30AM    7:00PM  
BooneBoone Group --- The Zoo917 10th Street3 9:30AM 7:00PM 12:00PM 7:00PM 12:00PM 7:00PM 12:00PM 7:00PM 12:00PM 7:00PM 12:00PM 7:00PM 12:00PM 8:00PM
BooneDay At A Time Group --- 1st Baptist Church612 8th St3      7:00PM 
BradfordBradford Powerhouse Group --- Bradford Methodist Church102 N Weber14 7:00PM      
BrightonTuesday Night Fellowship Group --- Victory Fellowship ChurchMain St & Hwy 7812   8:00PM    
BrittBritt Recovery Group --- First Lutheran Church70 5th Ave N W14 7:00PM      
BuffaloBuffalo Group --- Old Elementary School329 Dodge St13   7:30PM  7:30PM  
Buffalo CenterFirm Foundation Group --- Community Center227 N Main Street14 7:30PM      
BurlingtonAttitude Adjustment Group --- New Hope Community Church2900 Summer St10  7:00PM     
BurlingtonFellowship Group --- Peterson Building214 N. 4th Street , Suite 3C10 10:30AM(O) 7:00PM(C) 12:00PM(C) 12:00PM(O) 5:30PM 7:00PM(Women's Meet) 12:00PM(C) 7:00PM(C) 12:00PM(O) 12:00PM(C) 7:00PM(O) 12:00PM(O) 7:00PM(O)
BurlingtonNew Life Group --- ADDS1340 Mt. Pleasant St10       8:00AM
CarlisleCarlisle Thursday Group --- Carlisle United Methodist Church405 School St7     7:00PM  
CarrollCarroll Alano Group --- Basement Of Morrison Apt117 E 6th Street18  8:00PM 10:00AM 7:30PM 8:00PM 10:00AM 8:00PM 8:30AM 8:00PM
CarrollSober And Crazy Group --- St. John's Lutheran Church801 East 18th Street18 7:00PM      
CarsonTuesday Night Group --- Carson United Methodist Church300 Washington6   8:00PM    
Carter LakeProgress Not Perfection Group --- Carter Lake united Methodist3025 Mabrey Lane6  5:30PM     
CarthageCarthage Prison Service Group --- Dairy Queen --- Only meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month415 Buchanan Street     6:45PM  
CascadeCascade & Area Group --- Senior Citizens Bldg113 1st Avenue West11      8:00PM 
CaseyCasey A.A. Group --- United Methodist Church100 E 2nd Street20   8:00PM    
Cedar FallsBeginners On The Hill Group --- St. John Lutheran Church --- Ph. (319)268-0165715 College St4       9:00AM(C)
Cedar FallsCedar Falls Group --- Miners School II2513 Center Street4 10:00AM 8:00PM  8:00PM 6:30PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 8:30PM
Cedar FallsCedar Heights Group --- Cedar Heights Presbyterian Church --- Rainbow & Round2015 Rainbow4  6:30PM 8:00PM     
Cedar Fallsn Wednesday W.O.W. Group --- United Methodist Church --- Room 1568th & Washington Street4    6:30PM   
Cedar FallsSerenity Seekers Group --- United Methodist ChurchW 8th & Washington, Room # 1564   7:00PM    
Cedar FallsSt. Steven The Witness Group --- St. Steven Catholic Student Center1019 W 23rd Street4     5:15PM  
Cedar FallsSunrise Group --- Trinity Wesleyan Church125 Orchard Dr4      6:30AM 
Cedar RapidsAll Saints Group --- All Saints Church720 29th Street S E8      7:30PM 
Cedar RapidsAn AA Group --- The Fellowship Club3224 1st Ave NE8   8:00AM(C)  8:00AM(C)  
Cedar RapidsBasic Text Group --- Grace Episcopal Church525 A Ave N E8     6:00PM  
Cedar RapidsBig Book Meeting Group --- Fellowship Club3224 1st Avenue N E8  8:00PM     
Cedar RapidsBy The Big Book Group --- Gratitude Club212 Edgewood Road N W8    7:00PM   
Cedar RapidsDiscovery Group --- Mission Of Hope1700 B Ave NE8   1:00PM    
Cedar RapidsEarly Bird Welcome Group --- The Fellowship Club - Downstairs3224 1st Avenue Ne8  9:00AM 9:00AM 9:00AM 9:00AM 9:00AM 
Cedar RapidsEarly Birds Upstairs Group --- Fellowship Club --- Upstairs3224 1st Avenue N E8  9:00AM 9:00AM 9:00AM 9:00AM 9:00AM 
Cedar RapidsFoxhall Group --- Unity Center3791 Blairs Ferry Road N E8    7:00PM   
Cedar RapidsFriday Nighters Group --- Fellowship Club3224 First Avenue N E8      8:00PM 
Cedar RapidsFrom Insanity To Serenity Grp --- Cedar Rapids Gratitude Club212 Edgewood Road NW8       12:00PM
Cedar RapidsFull Measures Speaker Group --- Cedar Hills Church6455 E Avenue N W8      7:00PM 
Cedar RapidsHappy Hour Group --- Fellowship Club --- Downstairs3224 1st Avenue N E8 5:30PM 5:30PM 5:30PM 5:30PM 5:30PM 5:30PM 5:30PM
Cedar RapidsHappy Hour Upstairs Group --- Fellowship Club3224 1st Ave NE8  5:30PM  5:30PM  5:30PM 
Cedar RapidsHeard It Through The Grapevine Group --- Cedar Rapids Gratitude Club212 Edgewood Road NW8     8:00PM  
Cedar RapidsHill Top Group --- Hawthorne Hill Apts Recreation Room2283 C Street SW8   8:00PM    
Cedar RapidsHope Group --- Hope Lutheran Church2736 Bowling Street SW8      7:00PM 
Cedar RapidsIt Just Happened Group --- Safe Place523 6th Ave SE8       
Cedar RapidsKeep It Simple Group --- ASAC Adult Residential3601 16 Ave S W8     8:00PM  
Cedar RapidsKeep It Simple Stupid Group --- Fellowship Club (upstairs)3224 1st Ave NE8 9:00AM      
Cedar RapidsKenwood Group --- Kenwood Park United Methodist Church175 34th Street NE8   8:00PM    
Cedar RapidsLiving On The Ragged Edge Group --- Hillside Wesleyan Church2600 First Ave N W8  7:00PM     
Cedar RapidsMens Group --- Cedar Rapids Gratitude Club212 Edgewood Road N W, Suite J8 7:00PM      
Cedar RapidsMercy Group --- Cedar Rapids Gratitude Club --- Suite J212 Edgewood Road SW8  12:00PM 12:00PM 12:00PM 12:00PM 12:00PM 
Cedar RapidsNeighborly Group --- Immanuel Baptist Church1900 F Ave NW8       8:00PM
Cedar RapidsNew Beginnings Group --- Fellowship Club3224 First Avenue N E8   7:00PM    
Cedar RapidsOne Day At A Time Group --- Cedar Rapids Gratitude Club212 Edgewood Road NW8   8:00PM    
Cedar RapidsOriginal Group --- Fellowship Club3224 1st Avenue NE8 9:00AM      8:00PM
Cedar RapidsPass It On Group --- Fellowship Club3224 1st Avenue N E8  7:00PM    7:00PM 
Cedar RapidsSerenity Seekers Group --- Unity Center3791 Blairs Ferry Rd N E8    12:00PM   
Cedar RapidsSunday Night Young Peoples Grp --- Grace Episcopal Church525 A Avenue NE8 6:00PM      
Cedar RapidsSunday Nighters Group --- Fellowship Club3224 1st Avenue N E8 8:00PM      
Cedar RapidsSurvival Group --- Cedar Rapids Gratitude Club212 Edgewood Road N W , Suite J8      8:00PM 
Cedar RapidsThere Is A Solution Group --- Peace Christian Reformed Church6600 C Ave Ne8     8:00PM  
Cedar RapidsThursday Night New Mens Meeting Group --- Cedar Rapids Fellowship Club3224 1st Ave NE8     5:30PM  
Cedar RapidsWelcome Wagon Group --- Fellowship Club3224 1st Avenue N E8    6:45PM   
Cedar RapidsWest Highland Group --- Trinity Lutheran School1361 7th Avenue S W8  8:00PM     
Cedar RapidsWomen Into Action Group --- Hope Lutheran Church2736 Bowling Street SW8  8:00PM     
Cedar RapidsWomen's Step Study Group --- Gratitude Club212 Edgewood Rd NW8 4:00PM      
Cedar RapidsWomens Fellowship Group --- Fellowship Club3224 1st Avenue N E8       12:00PM
Cedar RapidsYoung At Heart Group --- Cedar Rapids Gratitude Club212 Edgewood Road NW8       7:00PM
CentervilleCenterville Friends Of Bill W. Gp --- St. Marys Church - Basement838 South 18th Street12     8:00PM  
Central CityDam A.A. Group --- Methodist Church216 Commercial Street8  8:00PM     
Charles CityBack To Basics Group --- Hope House805 Wisconsin19     6:00PM  
Charles CityCharles City A.A. Unity Group --- Hope House805 Wisconsin Street19  10:00AM 8:00PM    8:00PM
Charles CityCharles City Group --- Hope House805 Wisconsin19    6:30PM   
Charles CityCharles City Happy Hour Group --- Hope House805 Wisconsin St19      5:00PM 
Charles CitySpiritual Group --- Hope House805 Wisconsin19 11:00AM      
CherokeeCherokee Monday Night Chip Grp --- St Paul's United Methodist Church531 Main Street15  8:00PM     
CherokeeT.G.I.F. Fellowship Group --- St. Pauls Methodist Church105 E Willow15      8:00PM 
CherokeeWednesday Night Big Book Group --- St. Paul's United Methodist Church531 Main Street15    8:00PM   
ClarindaHigh Flyers Group --- Hope Center115 North 15th Street16   8:00PM 12:00PM  8:00PM 
ClarindaTuesday Night Step Group --- Hope Center115 N. 15th Street16   8:00PM    
ClarionClarion Group --- No Meeting Place Furnished210 2nd Street NW14   8:00PM    
ClarksvilleClarksville Group --- St. John Lutheran Church204 N. Washington19      8:00PM 
Clear LakeClear Lake 12th St Group --- Clear Lake Clubhouse1115 East Main St14  6:00PM 7:30PM 7:30PM   1:00PM
Clermont Clermont Sunday Group --- West Clermont Lutheran Church 221 Larrabee St 6:00PM      
Clinton2nd Chance Group of A.A. --- No Meeting Place Furnished506 S 2nd St9 12:00PM 6:00PM 12:00PM 6:00PM 12:00PM 6:00PM 12:00PM 6:00PM 12:00PM 6:00PM 12:00PM 6:00PM 12:00PM 6:00PM
ClintonClinton Group --- No Meeting Place Furnished --- 3rd Wed of Month is Speaker Meeting250 20th Ave North, Suite 1549 9:00AM 7:00PM 9:00AM 7:00PM 9:00AM 8:00PM 9:00AM 5:30PM 8:00PM 9:00AM 6:30PM 8:00PM 9:00AM 5:30PM 8:00PM 9:00AM 11:00AM 8:00PM
ClintonGratitude Group Of A.A. --- No Meeting Place Furnished1010 S 4th Street9  5:30PM   5:30PM  
ClintonLinks Group --- Clinton Fellowship Club1010 South 4th Street9   1:30PM   10:30PM 
CliveThe Breakfast Club Group --- Gathering House1309 N W 104th St7    6:30AM   
CliveWest End Big Book Study Group --- Gathering House1309 N W 104th St7      12:00PM 
CliveWest Side Step Study Group --- Gathering House1309 NW 104th Street7     5:30PM  
ColfaxSurvivors Group --- Howard St. Christian Church101 Locust7 7:30PM      
Columbus JunctionRiver Junction Group --- St. Joseph Catholic Church102 Gamble Street13  8:00PM     
CoralvilleHappy Hour Group --- Tabernacle Baptist Church2050 12th Avenue13    6:00PM   
CorningThought For The Day Group --- First United Methodist Church905 Nodaway16  8:00PM     
CorrectionvilleCorrectionville A.A. Group --- Grace United Methodist Church429 5th St21     8:00PM  
CorydonSolutions Group --- Home408 W Jackson Street7    7:00PM  7:00PM 
Council Bluffs500 Club Noon Group --- 500 Club410 S 16th Street6  12:00PM  12:00PM 12:00PM 12:00PM 
Council BluffsDoing Without Group --- 500 Club410 S 16TH St6     6:30PM(O)  
Council BluffsFriday Night Group --- 500 Club410 South 16th Street6      8:30PM 
Council BluffsHappy Hour Group --- Litehouse200 16th Avenue6  5:30PM     
Council BluffsI Want To Work The Steps Group --- Broadway Christian Church27th & Avenue A6  7:30PM     
Council BluffsInterstate Group --- 500 Club410 South 16th Street6   10:00AM    
Council BluffsKeep It Simple & Sober Group --- 500 Club410 South 16th Street6 7:00PM      
Council BluffsMonday Night Group --- 500 Club410 South 16th Street6  8:30PM     
Council BluffsNew Life A.A. Group --- Mohm's Place1435 N 15th St6      7:00PM 
Council BluffsNew Womens Awareness Group --- 500 Club410 S. 16th St.6  5:30PM     
Council BluffsSaturday Morning Group --- 500 Club410 S. 16th Street6       9:00AM
Council BluffsSeekers Group --- Timothy Lutheran Church3112 W Broadway6  7:00PM     
Council BluffsSunday Morning Big Room Group --- 500 Club410 South 16th Street6 10:00AM      
Council BluffsThursday Nite Recovery Group --- New Litehouse200 16th Avenue6     7:00PM  
Council BluffsThursday Nite Survivors Group --- 500 Club410 S 16th Street6     8:30PM  
Council BluffsTuesday Night Group --- 500 Club410 South 16th Street6   8:30PM    
Council BluffsWednesday Step Meeting Group --- 500 Club410 South 16th Street6    8:00PM   
Council BluffsWednesday Winners Group --- 500 Club410 S 16th Street6    6:30PM   
Council BluffsWild Bunch Early Birds Group --- Broadway Christian Church2658 Ave A6      7:30PM 
Council BluffsWinners Circle Group --- Allegent Health622 So 4th Street6     7:00PM  
CrescoCresco Group --- V.f.w. HallHwy 919  8:00PM     
CrestonCreston A.A. Way Of Life Group --- Congregational Church501 W Montgomery20  7:30PM    7:00PM 
CrestonNew Hope Group --- St. Malchys Rectory Basement407 West Clark Street20 12:00PM(O)  7:30PM  7:30PM 12:00PM 7:30PM
Dallas CenterHappy Hour Group --- United Methodist Church1504 Walnut St.20    7:30PM   
DanburyDanbury A.A. Group --- First State Bank Bldg Basement200 Main St21 7:30PM      
DavenportBlandine Group --- Blandine Club117 1/2 Perry Street9 9:00AM 11:00AM 5:00PM 5:00PM 12:00PM 5:00PM 5:00PM 8:00PM 10:00AM 5:00PM
DavenportCentral Discussion Group --- Store Front1706 Brady Street #1059 7:30AM 9:00AM 7:00PM 7:30AM 12:00PM 5:30PM 7:00PM 7:30AM 10:00AM 5:30PM 7:00PM 7:30AM 12:00PM 5:00PM 7:30AM 10:00AM 5:30PM 7:00PM 7:30AM 12:00PM 7:00PM 7:30AM 9:00AM 7:00PM
DavenportCourage To Change Group --- First Baptist Church1401 Perry St9   6:30PM    
DavenportDiversity Group --- Metropolitan Comm. Church3019 N Harrison Street9     6:30PM  
DavenportGrupo La Nueva Vida --- Store Front322 East 3rd Street, 2nd Floor22 7:30PM 7:30PM  7:30PM  7:30PM 7:30PM
DavenportHappy Hour Group --- Blandine Club117 1/2 Perry Street9 11:00AM   5:00PM  8:00PM 
DavenportMarquette Group --- St. Albans Episcopal Church3510 W Central Park9 6:00PM 12:00PM 6:00PM 12:00PM 12:00PM 12:00PM 12:00PM 6:00PM 12:00PM 8:00PM
DavenportMinority A.A. Group --- Aladin Building808 Harrison9       8:00PM
DavenportNorthwest Group --- Adventure Christian Church6509 NW Blvd9 6:30PM 8:00PM  5:30PM   
DavenportSisters In Sobriety Group --- Metropolitan Comm Church3019 N Harrison Street9       10:00AM(Womens)
Davenport Three Legacies Group --- Trinity Episcopal Church121 W. 12th St9     6:30PM  
DavenportTraditional 1212 Primary Purpose Big Book Group --- No Meeting Place Furnished1212 West Lombard Street9  6:00PM    6:00PM 
DavenportWest End A.A. Group --- West End Alano Club2603 Rockingham Road9 12:00PM 5:30PM 7:00PM 12:00PM 5:30PM 12:00PM 5:30PM 7:00PM 12:00PM 5:30PM 12:00PM 5:30PM 7:00PM 12:00PM 5:30PM 7:00PM 12:00PM 5:30PM 8:00PM
De WittDe Witt Group --- No Meeting Place Furnished818 6th Ave9 8:00AM 12:00PM 7:00PM 12:00PM 7:00PM  10:00AM
DecorahDecorah Tuesday Night Group --- St. Bens Parish307 W Main5   8:00PM    
DecorahNoon Group --- No Meeting Place Furnished603 East Water Street5  12:00PM 12:00PM 12:00PM 12:00PM 12:00PM 
DelhiLiving Sober Group --- United Methodist Church11      7:00PM 
DenisonFriday Night Live Group --- First United Methodist Church113 South 14th Street21      8:00PM 
DenisonGrupo Querer Es Poder --- No Meeting Place Furnished1413 Broadway22 7:00PM     7:00PM 7:00PM
DenisonTues Night Second Chance A.A. Group --- Denison Job Corps Center#10 Opportunity Drive, Boeck Building21   8:00PM    
DenverDenver Group --- St. Peter Lutheran ChurchEast Franklin4   7:00PM 8:00PM    
Des MoinesA New Pair Of Glasses Group --- Zion Lutheran Church4300 Beaver Ave7   6:30PM    
Des MoinesBack To The Basics Group --- Holy Trinity Catholic Church2926 Beaver7 5:30PM      
Des MoinesBeaverdale A.A. Group --- St. Andrews Episcopal Church5720 Urbandale7   7:00PM    
Des MoinesBroad Highway Group --- Thoreau Center3500 Kingman Blvd7       9:00AM
Des MoinesCover II Cover Group --- Meredith Drive Reform Church5128 Meredith Drive7     6:00PM  
Des MoinesDes Moines Foxhall Group --- First United Methodist Church1001 Pleasant Street7     8:00PM(O)  
Des MoinesDrake Group --- Drake Campus Ministries Building28th & University7       9:00AM
Des MoinesDrake Ministries Group --- Drake Campus Ministries Building --- Wesley Building28th & University7 9:00AM      
Des MoinesDrake Wednesday 5:30 PM A.A. Group --- Drake Campus Ministries Building28th & University7    5:30PM   
Des MoinesEarly Risers Group --- Windsor United Methoidst Church6222 University Ave7  6:30AM     
Des MoinesEast Side Study Group --- St Marks Episcopal Church3210 E 24th St7  7:00PM     
Des MoinesFifth Ave Fellowship Group --- Insurance Exchange Bldg505 5th Avenue Suite 4487      12:00PM 
Des MoinesFleur At Grand Group --- F&G --- Lower Level #6315 E 5th Street, Box 1297 7:30AM 9:30AM 3:00PM 7:00PM 7:30AM 9:30AM 12:00PM 7:30PM 7:30AM 9:30AM 12:00PM 8:00PM 7:30AM 9:30AM 12:00PM 4:30PM 8:00PM 12:00AM 7:30AM 9:30AM 12:00PM 7:30AM 12:00PM 7:30PM 11:00AM 1:00PM 3:00PM 8:00PM
Des MoinesFoundation Stone Group --- United Fleet Inc.1710 2nd Avenue7 11:00AM      
Des MoinesFreedom Group --- Fort Des Moines Methodist Church6205 S W 9th Street7      8:00PM 
Des MoinesFriday Night Forgiveness & Meditation Group --- Unity Church414 31st7      6:00PM 
Des MoinesFriday Night Freedom Train Grp --- Mercy Franklin Center1750 48th St & Franklin7      7:00PM 
Des MoinesFriday Night Meeting Group --- Lutheran Hospital 4th Floor Room 41700 East University7      8:00PM 
Des MoinesG.L.B.T. Group --- Plymouth UCC42nd Ingersoll Ave7  6:00PM  6:00PM 6:00PM  5:30PM
Des MoinesGLBT and Friends Group --- Campus Ministries28th & University7  7:00PM 6:00PM  6:00PM 6:30PM 5:30PM
Des MoinesGrupo Paso Doce --- Our Lady Of The Americas1271 East 9th Street22 7:30PM 7:30PM   7:30PM 7:30PM 
Des MoinesGrupo Un Dia A La Vez --- No Meeting Place Furnished1818 Easton Blvd22 7:00PM   7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM
Des MoinesHarrison Dinner Group --- Hyvee Cafe1990 Grand Avenue, Grand & Railroad7     7:00PM  
Des MoinesHigh And Dry Group --- St. John's Lutheran Church600 6th Ave7   12:00PM    
Des MoinesHonesty Hour Group --- Iowa School Of Beauty3305 70th Street7 9:30AM      
Des MoinesJaywalker Group --- St Andrews Episcopal Church5720 Urbandale Ave7     6:30PM  
Des MoinesKeep It Simple Sunday Group --- Thoreau Center3500 Kingman Avenue7 9:00AM      
Des MoinesMaintenance Group --- Broadlawns Hospital1801 Hickman Rd7       7:30PM
Des MoinesMeeting Makers Make It Group --- Lutheran Church of Hope DesMoines1821 Ingersol Ave7  5:00PM     
Des MoinesMid-Week Meditation Group --- Mercy Franklin Gym48th & Franklin7    6:00PM   
Des MoinesMonday Night Step Meeting Group --- 1st Fl Iowa Powell CDC Iowa Lutheran Hos700 University7  7:30PM     
Des MoinesNew Hope Group --- New Hope Methodist Church4525 Nw Beaver Drive7   12:00PM    
Des MoinesNew Start Group --- Salvation Army133 East 2nd Street7   6:30PM    
Des MoinesR R R R Group --- Central Presbyterian3839 Grand7  8:00PM     
Des MoinesRiver Bend Neighbor Recovery Group --- Residential Home --- DO NOT LIST IN DIRECTORIES713 Indiana Avenue7      4:00PM 
Des MoinesRoad To Recovery Group --- Iowa Muffler and Brake1308 2nd Avenue7     6:30PM  
Des MoinesSat Nite Southside Stp Stdy Gp --- Park Ave Christian Church3301 Sw 9th Street, Fellowship Hall7       8:00PM(Step Study)
Des MoinesSaturday Morning Men's Basic Group --- Windsor United Methodist 6222 University Ave7       9:30AM
Des MoinesSmoke Free Meeting Group --- Quality Inn Suites939 3rd Street Room 2037 9:00AM      
Des Moines Sometimes Slowly Group --- Harbor Of Hope 803 Lyon Street7 6:00PM      
Des MoinesSouthridge Big Book Study Grp --- Christ Lutheran ChurchSE 5th & Army Post Rd7  8:00PM     
Des MoinesT.N.T. Group --- Fort Des Moines Presbyterian ChurchSouth Union St & Payton Ave7   7:30PM    
Des MoinesThe Deal Group --- Archie Brooks Community Center2100 S E 5th St7    7:30PM   
Des MoinesThree Legacies Group --- Grace Lutheran Church3010 52nd Street7  6:00PM 8:00PM     
Des MoinesThursday Southside Step Group --- Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd3820 SW 9th St7     8:00PM  
Des MoinesThursday Step Study Group --- Central Presbyterian Church3829 Grand Avenue7     12:00PM  
Des MoinesTues Eastside Steps & Trad Grp --- Polk County Senior Center1231 E 26th St7   7:30PM(C)    
Des MoinesVets Step Study Group --- Vets Hospital Ward 3A3630 30th Bldg #5 Domicilary7   7:00PM  7:00PM  
Des MoinesWakonda Candlelight Group --- Wakonda Christian Church3938 Flerr Dr, Flerr Drive and Watrouse7  10:30PM 10:30PM 10:30PM 10:30PM 10:30PM 
Des MoinesWe Agnostics Group --- Campus Ministries Center28th and University Ave7   12:30PM    
Des MoinesWednesday Night Step Study Grp --- St. Lukes Episcopal Church3424 Forest7    8:00PM   
Des Moines Wednesday Noon Big Book Study Group --- Insurance Exchange Building --- Room 4485th & Grand7    12:00PM   
Des MoinesWest End Group --- Plymouth Place4111 Ingersoll7  7:30PM(C)     
Des MoinesWhite House Group --- White House1400 Pennsylvana Avenue7 9:30AM 7:00PM 8:15PM 8:00PM 12:00PM 6:00PM 8:00PM 12:40PM 8:00PM 12:00PM 6:30PM 8:00PM 12:00PM 8:00PM 10:00AM 12:00PM 10:30PM
Des MoinesYoung & Keepin It Real Group --- Mercy Franklin Center1818 48th St7      7:00PM 
DexterDexter Step Study Group --- Dexter United Methodist Church --- Enter On South Side707 Warren St20 7:00PM      
Dubuque12 Steps Group --- Mercy Health Center 6th Fl board room250 Mercy Dr11 7:00PM      
Dubuque1st 164 Pages Group --- Westside1646 Asbury Road11       9:00AM
DubuqueAttitude Adjustment Group --- Dubuque Fellowship Club1166 Main Street11       9:00AM
DubuqueDay At A Time Group --- Westside1646 Asbury Road11   9:00AM  9:00AM  
DubuqueDirty Dozen Group --- Dubuque Fellowship Club1166 Main Street11   7:00PM    
DubuqueFamily Afterwards B/B Study Gp --- Fogarty Hall1240 Rush Street11  9:00AM     
DubuqueFounders Group --- Dubuque Fellowship Club --- Basement1166 Main Street11     7:00PM  
DubuqueHappy Hour Group --- Westside1646 Asbury Road11   6:00PM    
DubuqueHi Noon Group --- Dubuque Fellowship Club1166 Main Street11      12:00PM 
DubuqueKeyway Lodge Group --- Grandview United Methodist Church3342 John Wesley Dr11    8:30PM   
DubuqueLive & Let Live Group --- Westside1646 Asbury Road11  9:00AM     
DubuqueLiving Room Discussion Group --- Westside1646 Asbury Road11 9:00AM      
DubuqueLiving Sober Group --- Westside1646 Asbury Road11      9:00AM 
DubuqueMaladjusted To Life Group --- St John's Episcopal Parish House14th and Locust11  6:30PM     
DubuqueMissing Link Group --- Mercy Hospital Auditorium250 Mercy Drive11 7:00PM      
DubuqueOutcasts Group --- Multicultural Center11th Central11    6:30PM   
DubuquePass It On Group --- Westside1668 Ashbury11   7:30PM    
DubuqueSaturday Morning Womens Group --- Marcy HospitalRoom 1J, 250 Mercy Drive11       10:00AM
DubuqueSaturday Night Open Discussion Group --- Westside1646 Asbury11       8:00PM
DubuqueSaturday Night Special Group --- Westside1646 Asbury Road11       6:30PM
DubuqueSimply Big Book Group --- Westside Club1646 Asbury Rd11    8:30PM   
DubuqueThursday Night Candlelight Grp --- Westside1646 Asbury Road11     8:00PM  
DubuqueUnity Step Group --- Westside1646 Asbury Road11 7:00PM      
DubuqueVision For Hope Group --- Mercy Hospital 6th Floor Auditorium250 Mercy Drive11      7:00PM 
DubuqueWednesday Morning 24 Hr. Group --- Westside1646 Asbury Road11    9:00AM   
DubuqueWednesday Night Womens Step Grp --- Founders Club --- CLOSED MEETING1166 Main Street11    5:30PM   
DubuqueWestside 24 Hour Group --- Westside1646 Asbury Rd11  8:00PM     
DubuqueWomens Discussion Group --- Mercy Hospital Room 1a250 Mercy Drive11  1:00PM     
DyersvilleBasilica Basement Group --- St Francis Xavier's Basilica104 3rd St S W11    7:00PM  12:00PM 
Eagle GroveEagle Grove Group --- No Meeting Place Furnished510 South Jackson Avenue14    8:00PM   
EdgewoodEdgewood Big Book Group --- City Hall5    10:00AM   
EldoraMonday Night Saw Mill Group --- Dorothy's Senior Center1306 17th Ave3  8:00PM     
EldridgeLanguage Of The Hearts Group --- Faith Lutheran Church500 LeClaire Road9   7:00PM  7:00PM  
EldridgeNorth Scott Group --- Parkview Lutheran Church14 Grove Road9  8:00PM 5:30PM  5:30PM 5:30PM 8:30AM
ElkaderElkader Group --- Bethany Church307 3rd St NE5     7:00PM  
ElmaElma Group --- No Meeting Place Furnished313 Elm St19   10:00AM  8:00PM  
EmmetsburgEmmetsburg Tue Night Big Book Group --- No Meeting Place Furnished --- Iowa Trust Savings Bank - In The Basement2101 10th St17   7:30PM    
EmmetsburgS.A.M. Surrender Accept Maintain Group --- Iowa Trust Bank2101 10th17     7:30PM  
EpworthOpen Door Group --- Legion Hall206 West Main11     8:00PM  
EsthervilleEstherville 12 By 12 Book Study Group --- Estherville Lutheran Church208 N. 8th St.17  8:00PM     
EsthervilleEstherville Big Book Study Group --- Estherville Lutheran Church208 N 8th St17     7:30PM  
EvansdaleEvansdale Group --- St Marks United Methodist Church610 Evans Rd4     7:30PM  
FairfieldMonday Nite Group --- Antioch Church2363 142nd Street12  8:00PM     
FairfieldSerenity Group --- 1st Presbyterian Church --- No Smoking200 South Main Street12 5:00PM   8:00PM   12:00PM
FairfieldTranquility Group --- Fairfield's Friends Church1209 South 6th Street12   12:00PM  12:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 
FlorisRecovering & Making Progress Group --- Community Hall12    8:00PM   
FontanelleWay Out Group --- Lutheran Church424 Scott St.20  7:30PM    7:30PM 
Forest CityForest City Unity Group --- The Treehouse135 East J St14 10:30AM 7:30PM  7:30PM  7:30PM 
Forest CityPilot Knob A.A. Group --- First Congregational Church316 N 6th St14   12:05PM    
Ft Dodge Fox Hall Group --- Fort Dodge St Marks Church1007 1st Ave South23    7:00PM   
Ft. DodgeCame To Believe Group --- Alano Club12 north 7th Street23      8:00PM 
Ft. DodgeCentral Ave Big Book Study Group --- No Meeting Place Furnished1031 Central Avenue23    7:30AM   
Ft. DodgeFireside Group --- Alano Club 12 North 7th St.23       7:00PM
Ft. DodgeGirls By The Book Womens Group --- Alano Club12 N 7th Street23       9:30AM
Ft. DodgeGrapevine Group --- 3rd Tradition Building1308 1st Ave North23    7:00PM   
Ft. DodgeMonday Night W.H.O Group --- Alano Club12 North 7th St.23  7:00PM     
Ft. DodgeMonday Noon Eyeopeners Group --- Alano Club12 North 7th Street23  12:00PM     
Ft. DodgeNight A A Group --- 3rd Tradition Bldg1308 1st Avenue North23 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM  7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM
Ft. DodgeNoon AA Group --- Alano Club12 N. 7th Street23     12:00PM  
Ft. DodgePromises Group --- First Methodist Church --- North Door1st Ave N & 10th St23   12:00PM    
Ft. DodgeReflections Of 1st Ave Group --- St. Marks Church1007 1st Avenue South23    7:00PM   
Ft. DodgeSaturday Night Candlelight Grp --- Ft. Dodge Alano Club12 North 7th Street23       9:00PM
Ft. DodgeSaturday Noon Alano Club Group --- Ft. Dodge Alano Club12 North 7th St23       12:00PM
Ft. DodgeSunday Morning Group --- Ft. Dodge Alano Club12 North 7th Street23 10:30AM      
Ft. DodgeSunday Night Big Book Study Group --- Alano Club12 North 7th Street23 7:30PM      
Ft. DodgeSunday Nite Open Group --- Ft Dodge Alano Club12 N 7th St23 6:00PM      
Ft. DodgeT.G.I.F. Group --- Alano Club216 1st Ave South23      12:00PM 
Ft. DodgeThird Tradition Group --- 3rd Tradition Bldg1308 1st Avenue North23 12:00PM 12:00PM 12:00PM 12:00PM 12:00PM 12:00PM 12:00PM
Ft. DodgeThursday Night Big Book Study Group --- Alano Club12 North 7th Street23     7:00PM  
Ft. DodgeTuesday Alano Group --- Alano Club12 N 7th St23   7:00PM    
Ft. DodgeTuesday Noon Group --- Ft. Dodge Alano Club12 North 7th Street23   12:00PM    
Ft. DodgeWednesday Night Group --- Alano Club12 North 7th Street23    7:00PM   
Ft. DodgeWomen's AA Group --- YWCA826 1st Ave North23  7:00PM     
Ft. MadisonFort Madison Group --- Ft. Madison Alano Club908 Avenue G10   8:00PM   8:00PM 8:00PM
GarnavilloGarnavillo A.A. Group --- St. Pauls Lutheran Church --- Meets In The Basement104 South Adams Street5 7:00PM(C)      
GarnerGarner Group --- St. Pauls Lutheran Church810 State Street14   7:00PM    
Gilmore CityMon Night New Promises Group --- United Methodist Church111SE 2nd St. East Entrance2      7:00AM 
GlenwoodFreedom Hill Group --- First Baptist Church212 N Vine St, Corner of 3rd & Vine16  8:00PM     
GowrieThird Tradition Group --- Gowrie Public Library1204 Market Street23  1:00PM 1:00PM 1:00PM 1:00PM 1:00PM 9:00AM
GrangerInto Action Group --- The Church Of The Assumption1904 Sycamore Street7 8:00PM      
GreeleyGreeley Serenity Group --- Greeley Comm. Church208 E. 2nd Ave.11  8:00PM     
GreenfieldGreenfield A.A. Group --- United Methodist Church108 S W 5th20   8:00PM  8:00PM  
GrimesJames Gang Group --- St Peter Lutheran Church1001 South James Street7      6:30AM 
GrinnellGrinnell Group --- St. Paul's Episcopal1026 State St8 7:30PM  7:30PM  7:30PM  7:30PM
GuttenbergGuttenberg Group --- St. Johns Lutheran Church Basement203 Pearl St11   8:00PM    
HaleHale Of A Group --- Community CenterFirst Street8      8:00PM 
HamburgHamburg Monday Night Group --- United Trinity Church --- Alley1106 Jefferson16  7:30PM     
HamptonFranklin County Group --- No Meeting Place Furnished508 2nd Avenue Se14    8:00PM   
HamptonHampton Old Timers Group --- 504 2nd Ave SE504 2nd Ave SE14   7:00PM    
HarlanFriday Night Discovery Group --- St. Michaels Rectory1912 18th Street6      8:00PM 
HarlanHarlan Sunday Night Group --- St. Michael's Rectory - Basement1912 18th Street6 8:00PM      
HawardenHawarden Group --- United Methodist Church803 13th Street15     7:30PM(O)  
HiawathaArchway Group --- Hope United Church of Christ150 9th Ave8    7:00PM   
HollandHolland Group --- Community Building304 2nd Ave4   7:00PM 8:00PM    
HolsteinHolstein Tuesday Night Group --- United Methodist Church208 S Kiel Street21   8:00PM    
HudsonHudson Group --- St. Timothy Lutheran Church --- 4th Tuesday is an open meeting1 Thelma Street4   6:30PM    
Hull2A Hull Group --- American Reformed Church 911 1st Street15 8:00PM      
HumboldtHumboldt Monday Nite Group --- Methodist Church107 4th St. Rm. 3423  7:00PM     
Ida GroveBrighter Side Group --- Catholic Church School800 N Main St21     8:00PM  
IndependenceIndependence Downtown Group --- St. James Church202 2nd Avenue4   12:00PM 7:00PM   7:00PM
IndianolaIndianola Group --- 1st United Methodist Chuch S Middle Door307 West Ashland7 7:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM  12:00PM 7:00PM 
InwoodInwood A.A. Group --- Bethel United Methodist Church - Basemen311 S Oak Street15     8:00PM  
Iowa Ciry12:05 11th Steppers Meeting Group --- Trinity Episcopal Church320E Colleer Street13      12:05PM 
Iowa City511 Melrose Group --- Melrose House511 Melrose Avenue13 8:00AM 8:00PM 12:10PM 6:00PM 8:00PM 12:10PM 6:00PM 8:00PM 12:10PM 6:00PM 8:00PM 12:10PM 6:00PM 12:10PM 6:00PM 8:00PM 9:30AM 6:00PM 8:00PM
Iowa CityA A Squared-Atheist And Agnostics AA Meeting Group --- Upstairs511 Melrose Avenue13    7:00PM   
Iowa CityBlue Noon Group --- Uptown Bills Coffee Shop730 S. Dubuque St.13  12:10PM 12:10PM 12:10PM 12:10PM 12:10PM 
Iowa CityBreakfast Club Group --- No Meeting Place Furnished511 Melrose Avenue13  6:00AM 6:00AM 6:00AM 6:00AM 6:00AM 6:00AM
Iowa City Broad Highway Group --- First United Methodist Church214 E Jefferson St13    7:00PM   
Iowa CityBy The Book Group --- Trinity Episcopal Church320 E College St13     6:30PM  
Iowa CityCoralville Original Group --- 3rd Floor Conf Rm, Vets Hospital601 Highway 6 W13    8:00PM   
Iowa CityFlimsy Reed Group --- Melrose Group Inc.511 Melrose13 5:30PM      
Iowa CityFriday Night Mens Group --- Zion Lutheran Church Basement310 North Johnson13      8:00PM 
Iowa CityLegacy Group --- No Meeting Place Furnished511 Melrose Ave13     8:00PM  
Iowa CityLGBT 5pm Sunday Meeting Group --- First Baptist Church500 N Clinton Street13 5:00PM      
Iowa CityLiving Room Groups --- Rotates Monthly Call FirstCall first (319)338-8707, or (319)351-111813  8:00PM     
Iowa CityMidwest Group --- Zion Lutheran Church310 N Johnson Street13 7:00PM      
Iowa CityMisfits Group --- No Meeting Place Furnished --- www.aamisfits.org1020 Gilbert Ct #C, PO Box 6413 8:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM
Iowa CityMormon Trek Group --- Christ The King Lutheran Church325 Morman Trek Blvd13 7:00PM      
Iowa CityNew Dimensions Group --- Trinity Episcopal Church Library320 E College Street13  12:10PM     
Iowa CityS.O.S. (Sisters of Sobriety) Group --- Gathering Room310 N Johnson St13     6:00PM  
Iowa CitySaturday Morning Womens Big Book Group --- Uptown Bills730 S Dubuque13       9:00AM
Iowa CitySaturday Noon Group --- University Of Iowa --- Wild Bill's Coffee Shop Intersection of N Capital & W DavenportNorth Hall, Room 32113       12:00PM
Iowa CitySober and Serene Group --- Trinity Church --- Church Library320 E College St13    12:00PM   
Iowa CitySunlight Of The Spirit Group --- Uptown Bills Small Mall730 S Dubuque13  6:00PM     
Iowa CityTogether We Can Make It Group --- No Meeting Place Furnished511 Melrose13 9:45AM      
Iowa CityTuesday Night Group --- Baptist Church500 N Clinton St13   7:30PM    
Iowa CityWomens Step Group --- Zion Lutheran Church310 N Johnson13      5:30PM 
Iowa FallsThe Iowa Falls Group --- Fireside11241 Hwy 65 North3  12:00PM  7:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 
JeffersonThursday Nite Group --- Central Christian Church --- Use North door106 N Elm St23     7:00PM  
JesupJesup A.A. Club Group --- St. Athanasuis SchoolStevens Street4 7:00PM      
JohnstonJohnston Fri Night Open N/S Gp --- St. Paul Presbyterian Church6426 Merle Hay Rd7      8:00PM 
JohnstonJohnston Saturday 10:00 AM Group --- Mercy Clinic Johnston --- East Side of Bldg5615 N W 86th Street7       10:00AM
KalonaCome As You Are Group --- Kalona United Methodist Church302 4th13       12:00PM
KeokukSerenity Group --- No Meeting Place Furnished27 N. 4th Street10 11:00AM 8:00PM 12:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 12:00PM 8:00PM 5:00PM 8:00PM
KeosauquaOut Of Towners Group --- Gold Rush Advertising107 Market St12  8:00PM     
KeystoneKeystone Kwitters Group --- Telephone Co Warehouse (Alley) --- Rear Entrance86 Main Street8   7:30PM    
KnoxvilleKnoxville Group --- Free United Methodist Church --- Activity Center308 E Robinson St12   7:30PM   12:00PM 7:30PM
La PorteLa Porte City Group --- VFW Hall302 Cedar St4  7:00PM     
Lake CityCoffee Achievers Group --- Historical Center School211 S Center18   8:00PM    
LamoniSouthern Iowa Pacific Group --- Community Center108 S Locust7    7:30PM   
LansingLansing Group --- Immaculate Conception Church1416 Great River Road5   8:00PM    
LaurensAA Topic & Big Book Group --- First Christian Church344 West Section Line Rd2      7:00PM 
Le MarsFellowship Group --- Floyd Valley Hosp. Lower Level Conf Rm:Hwy 3 East15  8:00PM     
Le MarsWednesday Nite Step Group --- Floyd Valley Hosp. Lower Level Conf Rm:15    8:00PM   
Le MarsWhatever Group --- Floyd Valley Hospital --- Lower Concerence RoomHwy 3 East15      8:00PM 
LeonLeon Group --- Leon Community Ctr203 N E 2nd St7       2:00PM
LisbonLisbon Wednesday Night Group --- South East Linn Community Center108 So. Washington St8    8:00PM   
LittleportMonday Morning Jump Start Group --- Littleport Hope Lutheran32513 Dinan Rd5  9:00AM     
LoganLogan Group --- St. Anne Church112 W 3rd Street6     7:00PM  
MadridMadrid Group --- Madrid Home For Aging613 West North3   7:00PM    
ManchesterSaturday Night Group --- United Methodist Church413 East Butler11       8:00PM
ManillaManilla Thursday Night Group --- Trinity Lutheran Church643 3rd Avenue6     8:00PM  
ManningGrow Or Go Group --- Methodist Church116 Center Street18      8:00PM 
ManningStep Up Group --- Methodist Church116 Center Street18  8:00PM     
ManningWalking Miracles Group --- McLaughlin Const. Office410 Elm St18 9:30AM   8:00PM   
MansonHis and Hers Group --- Catholic Church 1076 8th Street23  7:30PM     
MapletonMapleton Wednesday Night Group --- St. Johns United Methodist Church212 S 7th St21    8:00PM   
MaquoketaMaquoketa Group --- United Church Of Christ206 E Platt St11  8:00PM  8:00PM   
MarionFor Those Who Want it Group --- Marion Industrial Club --- ph. #319-373-5273225 S 35th St8  12:00PM 12:00PM 12:00PM 12:00PM 12:00PM 
MarionMarion Fri Night Group --- First Presbyterian Church802 12th Street8      8:00PM 
MarionMarion Mid-Week Group --- First United Methodist Church --- 12th Street & 8th Avenue1298 7th Avenue8    8:00PM   
MarionPage By Page Big Book Study Group --- Industrial Club225 S 35th St8    8:00PM   
MarionSunday Morning Breakfast Meeting Gp --- Marion Industrial Club225 South 35th Street8 8:30AM      
MarionThurs Night Industrial Group --- Marion Industrial Club225 35th Street8     8:00PM  
MarionTogether We Can Group --- Marion Industrial Club235 South 35th St8       9:00AM
MarionTraditionally Why It Works Grp --- Marion Industrial Club225 South 35th Street8   7:00PM    
MarionUnity Group --- Marion Industrial Club225 South 35th Street8      8:00PM 
MarionWay Out Book Study Group --- Lutheran Church Of The Resurrection3500 29th Avenue8 6:30PM      
MarionWomen Seeking Serenity Group --- Industrial Club225 35th Street8    5:30PM   
MarshalltownHappy Joyous & Free Group --- First Baptist Church700 E Olive Street3 6:00PM  6:30PM    
MarshalltownMarshalltown Group --- Alano Society Clubhouse1311 East Nevada Street3 8:00AM 12:00PM 8:00PM 12:00PM 6:00PM(Women's Mtg) 8:00PM 12:00PM 8:00PM 12:00PM 8:00PM 12:00PM 7:00PM 12:00PM
Mason CityFriday Night Big Book Group --- Mercy Medical Center West Entrance1000 4th St SW 2nd Fl, Jan Walters Conf Room14      6:45PM 
Mason CityJust A.A. Group --- River Side Church - In Basement --- Tuesdays meeting are held @ Clear Lake 115 E Main Street.527 N Kentuky14     7:30PM  
Mason CityMason City Clubhouse Groups --- Mason City Clubhouse207 8th Place SE14 10:30AM 7:00PM 7:15AM(O) 12:00PM 8:00PM 12:00PM 8:00PM 12:00PM 6:00PM 6:00PM(O) 8:00PM 12:00PM 8:00PM 12:00PM 8:00PM 10:30AM 8:00PM
Mason CityMidweek 12 & 12 Group --- Mercy Cancer Center Kirsch Conference Rm --- 2nd Floor1000 4th St SW14     12:00PM  
Mason CityPioneer Group --- St Johns Episcopal Church --- Tuesdays meet at 100 1st Street NE (1st Congres)120 1st St SE14   8:00PM(C)   8:00PM 
Mason CityPuttin Sober Group --- Mason City Clubhouse --- Note: Thursday meeting are held Clear Lake Clubhouse @ 1115 E Main Clear Lake, IA 50401721 N Federal Ave14  7:30PM(O) 7:30PM(O)  7:30PM(O) 8:00PM(O) 10:00PM(O)
Mason CityTrinity Group --- Trinity Lutheran Church213 Pennsylvania Ave N14      10:00AM 
MilfordIowa Great Lakes Group --- Harbor of Joy Lutheran Church1204 L Ave17    7:00PM   
MilfordMilford Chip Group --- St. Josephs School1301 Okoboji Avenue17  8:00PM     
Missouri ValleyBoyer Valley Big Book Group --- Grace Comm Church2nd & Erie6  7:30PM     
Missouri ValleyBoyer Valley Group --- Grace Community Fellowship 2350 290h6  7:30PM     
MononaMonona Group --- Fire Station110 N Page Street5       8:00PM
MonroeMonroe Honesty Hour Group --- IMT Insurance Building102 S. Jasper Street7   7:30AM    
MonticelloEarly Birds Group --- Advancement Services202 Plastic Ln8 8:00AM      
MonticelloMonticello Senior Home Group --- Advancement Services202 Plastic Ln8 8:00PM      
MonticelloThursday Group --- Advancement Services202 Plastic Ln.8     8:00PM  
MoorheadMoorhead Group --- Bethesda Lutheran Church703 Pine St21  8:00PM     
MovilleMoville Tuesday Night Group --- Trinity Lutheran Church323 S 4th Street1   7:00PM    
Mt. AyrRinggold County Group --- Neighborhood Center202 N Taylor20     8:00PM  
Mt. PleasantRight Group --- St. Michael Episcopal Church202 East Washington10 7:00PM  7:00PM  7:00PM  
Mt. VernonCandlelight Sat Night Group --- Mt. Vernon Methodist Church304 1st St W8       8:00PM
MuscatineAA On Houser Group --- Area Foundation Building704 South Houser Street13 12:00PM 12:00PM 7:00PM 12:00PM 7:00PM 12:00PM 12:00PM 12:00PM 12:00PM 8:00PM
MuscatineGaunt Prospecter Group --- Area Foundation704 South Houser St13 9:00AM    5:40PM  
MuscatineGrupo Esperanza (Hope) --- Area Bldg704 S Houser22 6:30PM  7:00PM    5:00PM
MuscatinePrimary Purpose Group --- Calvary Church --- Room #3501 W Bypass 6113     7:00PM  
MuscatineRecovery Group --- Brick Building212 Walnut St13 5:00PM 6:30PM  6:30PM  6:30PM 
NeolaNeola Chapter Group --- Neola Community Center 6   8:00PM    
New HamptonNew Hampton Group --- St. Joseph's School202 North Broadway Avenue, (west Entrance In Basement)19      8:00PM 
New HartfordNew Hartford Group --- Martin Memorial Library406 Packwaukee St4 8:00PM      
New MarketNew Market Happy Trudgers Group --- New Market Community Center512 Main St16  8:00PM     
NewtonNewton Group --- St. Stephens Episcopal Church223 E 4th St N7  12:00PM 7:00PM 12:00PM 8:00PM 12:00PM 5:30PM 7:00PM 12:00PM 10:00AM
North LibertyNLAA Tuesday Group --- North Liberty Rec Center520 W Cherry St13   7:00PM    
North LibertyNorth Liberty Friday Night Grp --- North Liverty Rec Center520 W Cherry St13      7:00PM 
NorthwoodNorthwood Group --- 1st Lutheran Church309 North 9th Street14   7:30PM    
NorwalkPromising Beginnings Group --- Register Building7400 S W Register Drive7    6:30PM   
OdeboltOdebolt Friday Night Group --- Faith Lutheran Church --- Basement800 South Locust St21      8:00PM 
OelweinFontana Fellowship Group --- Oelwein Alano Club Bldg517 1st N E5      7:00PM 
OelweinFontana Group --- Oelwein Alano Club Bldg517 1st Street N E5 11:00AM      
OelweinOelwein Monday Night Group --- Oelwin Alano Club517 1st Street N E5  7:00PM     
OelweinOelwein Wednesday Night Group --- Oelwein Alano Club517 1st St N E5    7:00PM   
OgdenOgden Group --- Country Chit Chat346 West Main Street3      7:00PM 
OkobojiDiscussion Group --- Lakes Regional Health CareHwy 71 South17   7:00PM    
OnawaOnawa Monday Group --- Faith Lutheran Church316 15th Street21  8:00PM     
OnawaOnawa Saturday Group --- Burgess Health Center1600 Diamond St21       5:00PM
OsageOsage Group --- Alano Club House732 Main Street19  7:00PM  12:00PM   8:00AM 10:00AM
OsceolaA.A. Group --- V.F.W. HallW. Jeffersons7     6:00PM  
OsceolaSun. Night A A Group --- Clark County Hospital800 S Fillmore St7 7:00PM      
OskaloosaFreedom Group --- St. Pauls Church501 High Ave E12  7:00PM   7:00PM  
OskaloosaSunday Afternoon Group --- St. James Episcopal Church207 S 3rd Street12 4:30PM      
OssianOssian Group --- Ossian Community Ctr123 West Main Street5      8:30PM 
OttumwaBloom Where You Are Planted Gp --- Church of the Brethern1212 W. Williams12      8:00PM(C) 
OttumwaDrunks Unlimited Group --- Church of the Brethern1212 W Williams12  8:00PM     
OttumwaGrupo Nueva Vida --- Camel Club410 W Keota12   7:00PM  7:00PM  7:00PM
OttumwaRecovery Group --- UAW Hall205 N James12 7:00PM      
OttumwaStart Your Day Over Noon Group --- Camel Club410 W Keota12  12:00PM 12:00PM 12:00PM 12:00PM 12:00PM 
OttumwaWednesday Nite Beginners Group --- Camel Club410 E Keota12    8:00PM   
OxfordOpossum Lodge Group --- Garage In Alley --- Only meets 2nd Wednesday of month214 E Main Street, P O Box 17313    7:30PM   
PanoraPanora Jay Walkers Group --- Panora Community Center (north Door)111 West Main Street20   7:00PM    
ParkersburgParkersburg Open A.A. Group --- Parkersburg Civic Center502 3rd Street4     8:00PM  
PellaPella Thursday Evening Group --- Pella Community Center 3rd Floor --- Corner of Broadway & Union, Room 308712 Union Street12     7:30PM  12:00PM
PeostaStone Room Group --- New Melleray Abby6500 Melleray Circle11    6:00PM   
PerryGrupo A.A. 24 De Julio --- Spanish Club House1103 2nd Street22 7:00PM     7:00PM 
PerryThe Camel Shop Group --- Methodist Church Annex --- Every Friday is Cake & Fellowship Speaker1114 3rd Street7 8:00PM   8:00PM  8:00PM 8:00PM
PetersonPeterson Chip Group --- Farmers Co-op Elevator Basement2   8:00PM    
Pilot MoundPilot Mound Monday Night Group --- Pilot Mound United Methodist Church210 3rd St23  7:00PM     
Pleasant HillAnything Goes Group --- Okoboji Grill1225 Copper Creek Dr7   5:30PM    
Pleasant HillTurn The Page Group --- Woodland Hills Church Of Christ2484 S E 68th Street7   7:00PM    
PocahontasPocahontas Thursday Group --- Resurrection Of Our Lord Catholic Church115 W 2nd Street2     7:30PM  
Polk CityLakeside Group --- Polk City United Methodist Church1421 West Broadway7     7:30PM  
PostvillePostville New Hope Group --- St. Pauls Lutheran Church116 E. Military Rd5 8:00PM      
Prairie CityPrairie City Camel Group --- Masonic Hall Basement407 2nd Street7    8:00PM   
Red OakRebos Group --- Bethlehem Lutheran Church1101 Summit16 5:30PM 8:00PM 8:00PM  8:00PM 5:30PM 
Red OakSouthwest Iowa Group --- First United Methodist Church --- Basement600 E Hammond16       8:00PM
RedfieldRedfield Starting Over Group --- Redfield American Legion Hall1116 Thomas Street20  7:00PM     
RicevilleRiceville Group --- Riceville City Hall123 W. Main St.19 7:00PM      
RiversideAnony Group In Riverside --- Trinity United Methodist --- Corner of 2nd & Washburn11 2nd St13   7:00PM    
Rock RapidsSerenity Group --- Congregational Church15  7:00PM     
Rock ValleyRock Valley Group --- Midamerica Building15    8:00PM   
RoyalRoyal Group For The 80's --- Bethlahem Lutheran Church207 Church Street2     8:00PM  
RuthvenDry Dock Group --- Lion Lutheran Church1901 Rolling Street17   7:30PM    
Sac CitySac City Group --- South Courthouse Annex --- Basement100 S State St18  8:00PM     
SalemFourway Friends Group --- Salem Friends Church210 S Main St10      8:00PM 
SanbornSanborn Serenity Seekers Group --- St. Cecilias Catholic Church304 E 4th Street15      8:00PM 
Sergeant BluffSergeant Bluff Group --- United Methodist Church1st & Baker St1  7:30PM     
SheffieldSheffield Group --- St. John Lutheran Church Basement14   8:00PM    
SheldonOriginal Sheldon Group --- Sheldon Sanford Hospital Park Street15   8:00PM    
SheldonSunday Night Group --- Sanford Hospital118 N 7th Ave15 8:00PM      
ShenandoahBrown Baggers Group --- Presbyterian Church (Basement)200 W. Clarinda Ave16  12:00PM     
ShenandoahTall Corn Group --- Presbyterian Church200 West Clarinda Ave16     8:00PM  
ShenandoahTuesday Night Trudgers Group --- Presbyterian Church - Basement200 W Clarinda Avenue16   8:00AM    
SibleySibley Group --- St. Andrews Church - Basement716 8th Street15       7:00PM
Sioux CenterSioux Center Group --- New Life Reformed Church232 16th St.15     8:00PM  
Sioux City12 Steps & 12 Traditions Discussion Group --- Leeds Alano Club4034 Floyd Blvd1      6:30PM 
Sioux City21 Club Non-Smoking Group --- First United Methodist Church1915 Nebraska St1     6:00PM  
Sioux CityBetween The Covers YPAA Group --- No Meeting Place Furnished2122 Jones Street1   7:00PM    
Sioux CityBig Book Buddies Study Group --- Hawkeye Club420 Jones St1   10:00AM    
Sioux CityBooks & Beans Group --- Palmer House Motel Meeting Rm3440 Gordon Dr1     6:30PM  
Sioux CityBooks And Cookies Group --- Morningside Presbyterian Church4327 Morningside Ave1 8:00AM      
Sioux CityBy The Book Group --- Club 2152432 Jay Ave1       8:30AM
Sioux City Check Your Ego At The Door Group --- Leeds Alano Club4034 Floyd Blvd1     7:00PM  
Sioux CityCheyenne Non Smoking Group --- 1st Lutheran Church3939 Cheyenne Blvd1      7:00PM 
Sioux CityEmotional Sobriety Group --- Fellowship Club1403 Summit1  8:00PM     
Sioux CityFaith Without Works 12x12 Group --- Fellowship Club1403 Summit St1 7:00PM      
Sioux CityFri. 5:30 PM Non-Smokers Group --- Hawkeye Club420 Jones Street1      5:30PM 
Sioux CityFriday 10 A.M. Group --- Hawkeye Club420 Jones St1  10:00AM  10:00AM  10:00AM 
Sioux CityGlenn Avenue Group --- St. Mark Lutheran Church5200 Glenn Ave1  7:30PM     
Sioux CityGrupo Buena Voluntad --- No Meeting Place Furnish1000 Virginia Street1 9:30AM   6:30PM   4:00PM
Sioux CityGrupo Unidos En Sobriedad --- No Meeting Place Furnished2120 Court Street1 10:00AM 7:00PM  7:00PM  7:00PM 7:00PM
Sioux CityHawkeye 3 & 11 Group --- Boys & Girls Home & Family Service2101 Court St Lower Level1 9:00AM      
Sioux CityHow & Why of It 12 X 12 Study Group --- Hawkeye Club320 Jones St1     10:00AM  
Sioux CityLeeds Tuesday Open Group --- Leeds Alano Club4034 Floyd Blvd1   8:00PM(O)    
Sioux CityLeeds Wednesday Brown Bag Grp --- Leeds Alano Club4034 Floyd Blvd1    12:00PM(O)   
Sioux CityLiving In The Solution Group --- 1st Lutheran Church (Fireside Room)3939 Cheyenne Blvd1       7:00PM
Sioux CityLiving Sober Group --- Fellowship Club1403 Summit Street1    7:30PM   
Sioux CityMany Hands Caring Group --- Mercy Medical Center --- Woodbury Room801 5th St.1    11:30AM   
Sioux CityMarble Group --- Riverside Lutheran Church1817 Riverside Blvd1 6:00PM      
Sioux CityMorningside Fellowship Group --- Morningside Presbyterian Church4327 Morningside Ave1      8:00PM 
Sioux CityNew Freedom Group --- Fellowship Club --- 14th & Summit1403 Summit Street1      7:00PM 
Sioux CityNo Matter What Group --- Hawkeye Club2420 Jones St1     8:30PM  
Sioux CityNo Name Group --- Mayflower Congregational Church1407 West 18th Street1       8:00PM
Sioux CityOne A Day Group --- Club 2152432 Jay Ave1  10:30AM 10:30AM 10:30AM 10:30AM 10:30AM 
Sioux CityOpen Topic Women Group --- Club 2152432 Jay Ave1  3:30PM     
Sioux CityPink Cloud Group --- Hawkeye Club --- LGBT Friendly / No Children420 Jones St.1 5:00PM(O)      
Sioux CityPrimary Purpose Group --- St. Boniface ChurchW 5th & Omaha St1      8:00PM 
Sioux CityRoom 106 Big Book Group --- Holy Spirit Retirement Home --- Ask at nurses station for meeting location1701 West 25th St.1  6:00PM   10:00AM  
Sioux CitySaturday Long Timer Speaker Gp --- Fellowship Club1403 Summit St1       8:30PM
Sioux CitySaturday Morning 12&12 Group --- Leeds Alano Club4034 Floyd Blvd1       10:30AM
Sioux CitySecond Chance Group --- Hawkeye Club420 Jones St1       1:00PM
Sioux CitySerenity Now Group --- Hawkeye Club420 Jones St1  8:00PM     
Sioux CitySioux City Tri State Roundup Group --- Hawkeye Club --- GROUP MEETS ONLY 2ND MONDAY OF EACH MONTH (ONLY 12 TIMES PER YEAR)420 Jones St.1  7:00PM(MEETS ONLY ON 2ND MONDAY OF EACH MONTH)     
Sioux CitySomeone Cares Group --- Leeds Alano Club4034 Floyd Blvd1 9:30AM      
Sioux CitySpiritual Steps 3 & 11 Sunday Meeting Group --- Hawkeye Club420 Jones Street1 9:00AM      
Sioux CitySteel Magnolias Group --- Morningside Presbyterian Church4327 Morningside Avenue1 7:00PM      
Sioux CityStockyards Exchange Group --- Trinity Lutheran Church --- Enter thru door on alley south east corner1122 Jackson St1     8:00PM  
Sioux CitySunday 10:30 A.M. Spiritual Grp --- Fellowship Club1403 Summit Street1 10:30AM      
Sioux CitySunday 3 & 11 Group --- St. Lukes Hospital Room 12720 Park Blvd1 9:00AM      
Sioux CitySunday Morning Spiritual Group --- Club 2152432 Jay Ave1 10:30AM      
Sioux CitySunday Night Big Book Study Gp --- Fellowship Club1403 Summit Street1 8:30PM      
Sioux CitySunrise Attitude Adjustment Gp --- Church of Christ --- Meets at 420 Jones St. Mon. / Wed. / Fri.2111 W 6th St1  6:30AM 6:30AM 6:30AM 6:30AM 6:30AM 6:30AM
Sioux CitySweets & Treats Group --- Hawkeye Club420 Jones St1       8:00PM
Sioux CityTuesday 12X12 Group --- Fellowship Club1403 Summit Street1   8:30PM    
Sioux CityTuesday Night Early Bird Group --- St. Boniface ChurchWest 5th & Omaha1   7:00PM    
Sioux CityVast Amount Of Fun Group --- Club 2152432 Jay Ave1       10:30AM
Sioux CityWe Can Group --- Leeds Alano Club4034 Floyd Blvd1  8:00PM     
Sioux CityWed Big Book Study Group --- Hawkeye Club420 Jones St1    5:30PM   
Sioux CityWestlawn Group --- Westlawn Church2521 West 4th Street, W 4th & Casselman1    8:00PM   
Sioux CityWhere It All Begins Group --- Club 2152432 Jay Ave1    8:00PM   
Sioux CityWhere You're At Group --- Morningside Presbyterian Church3700 28th St. #3641  7:30PM     
Sioux CityYoung Persons In AA (YPAA) Group --- Hawkeye Club420 Jones Street1      7:00PM 
Sioux RapidsSioux Rapids 12 X 12 Chip Group --- First Lutheran Church716 1st Street2  8:00PM     
SolonMacbride Pride Group --- Our Lords Church101 N Market Street, (HWY 1)13     7:00PM  
SpencerBig Book Study Group --- Spencer Alano511 Southmoor Drive17      8:00PM 
SpencerChip Group --- Spencer Alano511 Southmoor Drive17    8:00PM   
SpencerSerenity Now Group --- Alano Club511 Southmoor Drive17       10:30AM(O)
SpencerSpencer Sun Night Newcomers Gp --- Spencer Alano511 Southmoor Dr17 7:00PM      
SpencerSunday Morning 12&12 Group --- Spencer Alano511 South Moor Drive17 10:30AM      
Spirit LakeFriday Night Keep It Simple Gp --- First Presbyterian Church3501 S Hill Ave17      8:00PM 
Spirit LakeSunday Morning Big Book Group --- Spirit Lake Library702 16th Street17 10:30AM      
Spirit LakeSunday Night Newcomers Group --- Discovery House1411 Hill Ave17 7:00PM      
Spirit LakeTuesday Discussion Group --- Lakes Regional HealthcareHwy 71 S17   7:00PM    
Spirit LakeTwelve & Twelve Group --- St. Alban's Episcopal Church2011 23rd Street, 23rd & Zenith17       8:00PM
Spirit LakeWomen's Group --- Senior Center2100 Zenith Avenue17       11:00AM
SpringvilleSpring Into Action Group --- No Meeting Place Furnished165 Broadway8 7:00PM      
St. AnsgarSt. Ansgar Group --- Library Basement217 W 5th Street19     8:00PM  
Storm LakeCome & Go Group --- St. Marks Lutheran Church1614 West 5th Street2     12:00PM  
Storm LakeStorm Lake Chip Group --- St Johns Church - Basement402 Lake Avenue2       8:00PM
StuartStuart Group --- All Saints Catholic Church --- North Entrance 216 All Saints Drive20     8:00PM  
SutherlandEarly Risers Group --- Sacred Heart Catholic Church415 Ash Street15 8:30AM      
SutherlandNew Beginnings Group --- Sacred Heart Lutheran Church415 Ash Street15     8:00PM  
TaborMonday Night Serenity Group --- First Christian Church515 New Street16  8:00PM     
TamaTama-Toledo Group --- St Pat's Church Parish Center900 Park Street8     7:30PM  
ThurmanPulling Together Group --- Methodist Church16  8:00PM     
TiffinMonday Night Tiffin Group --- Grace United Methodist Church300 W Marengo Rd13  7:30PM     
TiptonTipton Group --- First United Church Of Christ602 Mulberry St13     8:00PM  
TracyCandlelight Group --- Tracy United Methodist Church309 Parker Street10       4:00PM
TraerThursday Traer Group --- Ripely United Church of Christ400 South Main, Basement4     7:00PM  
TurinTurin Saturday Night Group --- Turin Community CenterHwy 17521       8:00PM
UrbanaCrossroads Group --- St. Mary's Church401 Ash Ave8 7:00PM      
UrbandaleGrupo Un Nuevo Despertar --- Oficina3650 68thn Street, Suite C7 8:00PM 8:00PM   8:00PM 8:00PM 
UrbandaleMonday Big Book Study Group --- Covenant Christian Church2700 72nd St7  7:00PM     
UrbandaleStep Study Group --- Walnut Hills United Methodist Church12321 Hickman Rd7  7:00PM     
UrbandaleSubtle Foes Group --- St. Stephen Lutheran Church3510 72nd St7     6:30PM  
UrbandaleUrbandale Group --- Church Of Christ70th & Oliver Smith Drive7    7:30PM   
VintonTurning Point Group --- Trinity Lutheran Church1002 13th Street13    7:00PM   
WapelloRivers Edge Group --- Briggs Civic Center317 N. Water Street10   7:30PM    
WashburnWashburn AA Group --- St. Pauls Presbyterian Church410 1st St.4   6:00PM    
WashingtonCaring & Sharing Group --- First Christian Church --- The corner of S Ave, &W 2nd St enter through the door on South Ave B lower level301 W 2 nd St10 7:00PM  7:00PM 12:00PM  8:00PM 
WaterlooAn A.A. Group --- Allen Hospital --- Across from Gift Shop1825 Logan Street , Rooms 2 & 34  1:30PM     
WaterlooDowntown Group --- People's Community Health Clinic --- 2nd Floor905 Franklin St.4 3:00PM  12:00PM(Womens Mting) 7:00PM  7:00PM 
WaterlooLogan Ave Group --- Allen Hospital-Room 51825 Logan Avenue4       7:30PM
WaterlooNorthside A.A. Group --- Cosby Center1112 Mobile Street4  7:30PM   7:30PM  
WaterlooWaterloo Original Group --- Alano Club615 West 5th St4 10:00AM 10:00AM 7:00PM 10:00AM 10:00AM 7:00PM 10:00AM 7:00PM 10:00AM 7:00PM 12:00PM 7:00PM
WaukeeAlcoholics Anonymous Group --- Waukee Public Library950 Warrior Lane20 7:00PM      
WaukeeWaukee Friday Night Talking Circle Group --- Waukee Public Library950 Warrior Lane20      7:00PM 
WaukonWaukon Alano Group --- Alano Club Bldg605 1st Avenue Nw5    8:30PM   
WaverlyWaverly Thursday Night Group --- Basement120 E Bremer , Alley Entrance19     7:00PM 8:30PM  
WaverlyWaverly Wed Night A.A. Group --- Trebor's --- Basement - through back entrance120 E. Bremer Ave.19    8:00PM   
WaverlyYoung Peoples Group --- Trebor's --- Basement Alley120 E. Bremer19     7:00PM 8:30PM  
Webster CityHappy Hour Group --- Trinity Lutheran Church1229 Kathy Lane23     5:30PM  
WellmanWellman Group --- Municipal Bldg316 8th Avenue10     8:00PM  
West BurlingtonInto Action Group --- St. Paul's United Church303 Mt. Pleasant St10     7:00PM  
West Des MoinesChapter 12 Group --- St. Mark Discipleship Center1105 Grand7      7:00PM 
West Des MoinesEye Openers Group --- Bridges Of Iowa 1211 Vine Street, Bldg 10007     6:30AM  
West Des MoinesFreedom Hall Group --- Lutheran Church of Hope925 Jordan Creek Parkway, 74th & Ashworth7       9:00AM
West Des MoinesFriday Night Solutions Group --- Mercy Franklin Center48th & Franklin7      7:00PM 
West Des MoinesFunction At The Junction Group --- West Des Moines Community Center217 5th Street7   6:00PM    
West Des MoinesGrand Journey Group --- St Agustines Church42nd & Grand7 1:30PM      
West Des MoinesHow It Works Group --- Methodist West Hospital --- Conference Room 3-41660 60th Street7      6:00PM 
West Des MoinesNew Beginning Group --- Covenant Presbyterian Church28th & Ashworth Road7 7:00PM      
West Des MoinesNew Hope Group --- Lutheran Church Of Hope Rm #102 --- East Door74th & Ashworth7 5:00PM      
West Des MoinesPrimary Purpose Group --- Windsor United Methodist Church6222 University Ave7   7:30PM    
West Des MoinesStart Your Day With A.A. Group --- Hy-Vee Grocery Store1990 Grand Ave #2, (Grand and Railroad)7   6:30AM    
West Des MoinesThere Is A Solution Group --- WDM United Methodist Church720 Grand Avenue7  6:00PM     
West Des MoinesUnity Services Group --- No Meeting Place Furnished1211 Vine St7 6:00PM      
West Des MoinesW.P.R. Group --- Covenant Presbyterian Church1025 28th & Ashworth Road7      7:30PM 
West Des MoinesWest Des Moines Group --- St. Marks Lutheran Church1115 Grand Avenue, 12 & Grand7   8:00PM    
West LibertyHope Group --- St. Joseph Church107 West 6th Street13  6:00PM    6:00PM 
West PointWest Point Group --- West Point Alano Club207 Ave E10 8:00PM   8:00PM   
West UnionWest Union Group --- Holy Name Catholic Church128 N Walnut Street5   7:00PM    
WestgateWestgate Group --- St. Peter Lutheran Church280 Main Street5     8:00PM  
Whiting Whiting AA Group --- Whiting Public Library407 Whittier St   7:00PM    
WhittemoreBorderline Group --- Old Fire Station321 4th St17 7:30PM      
WilliamsburgTuesday's In Iowa County Group --- St. Pauls United Methodist Church803 Clearview Drive8   7:00PM    
WiltonWilton Group --- Grace United Church Of Christ111 West 5th St13   8:00PM   7:00PM 
Windsor HeightsBig Book Babes Group --- Windsor Presbyterian Church6301 University Avenue7       9:30AM
Windsor HeightsGrapeviners Group --- Windsor United Methodist Church6222 University Avenue7    12:00PM   
Windsor HeightsMiracles On 63rd St. Group --- Windsor United Methodist6222 University Ave7       7:00PM
Windsor HeightsMon Hope & Reflections Group --- Windsor United Methodist Church6222 University7  12:00PM     
Windsor HeightsT.G.I.S. Step Study Group --- Windsor United Methodist Church6222 University Avenue7      12:00PM 
Windsor HeightsTwo Rivers Recovery Group --- Windsor United Methodist Church6222 Univesity, 63rd & University7 7:00PM      
WintersetMadison County Groups --- First Christian Church103 West Green20  7:00PM  8:00PM  7:00PM 8:00PM
WinthropWinthrop Group --- Fellowship Hall534 West Madison Street4  7:00PM     
WoodwardWoodward Meeting Group --- 1st Building North of Woodward off Hwy 113786 Seminole20     7:30PM  
WorthingtonWorthington C C Group --- Worthington Community Center1st Avenue West11 7:00PM